The LED Hub is a small circuit board that allows your hard drive LED to be used by multiple hard drive controllers. It connects the LED in your case to inputs both on the motherboard and add-on cards inside your computer. It isolates these signals from the LED and from each other, preventing LED burn out and stability issues.

Standard 2-pin jumper wires can be used. We have high quality 2-pin cables available here and here.

Who needs one?

Anybody who wants to connect their case LED to multiple inputs. It's also handy for driving more powerful LED's than are supported by a typical motherboard or add-on card.

Just "wiring them together' can be risky -- it can burn out a case LED, or power can flow from one device into another, which can cause stability problems or short circuits.

Its handy test button confirms that power and the case LED are connected correctly, without needing to cause disk activity with the case open.

Installation Instructions
Before installation, it's important to note that none of the metal parts of this board should be allowed to touch the case or any other metal. The board is backed by a peel-off backing for semi-permanently mounting the board in the case. It's recommended to check the length of cables and position of the board before mounting.

Connect the power connector to any free HDD power connector in the case.

Connect the case LED to the "out" pins on the board. Polarity is important. While it will not harm the case LED to connect it backwards, it will not light, either.

Connect one or more of the inputs to the HDD pins, on the motherboard or on add-on cards. The polarity of these connections is not important, and the inputs are isolated from one another. Connecting them in either direction will not harm your motherboard or your add-on cards.

With power on, pressing the "test" button will confirm that the case LED is properly connected and the power is connected. If the case light does not light up but the LED on the board does, it usually means that the case LED is connected backwards.


Can the LED Hub be used to drive LEDs other than hard drive indicators, like power LED's or sleep LED's?

Yes, any pins intended to drive LEDs may be used.

What happens if I plug it in backwards?

The test button can be used to check that the case light is plugged in backwards; if it doesn't light up, the connector should be turned around. The four input connections will work regardless of polarity, which takes the guesswork out of connecting to the internal pins.

Price: $24.00