TinyMix - Share one set of speakers with MP3 player, computer, laptop


The TinyMix is a device which allows you to connect up to four audio sources to a single set of amplified speakers or line output, using sophisticated electronics to provide the highest quality sound.

Powered by USB, the TinyMix can be plugged into a computer, a powered hub, or into a USB voltage adapter. An LED indicator lights to show that it's powered on. When powered off, the TinyMix will operate in passive mode, which draws its operating power from the audio inputs themselves, at a cost of reduced volume.

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[inline:Mixer-Diagram.png]If you've ever tried just using a Y-cable, you know why it can be a bad idea -- it can drive audio from one device to another, which is why the volume will change when you turn one of the devices on and off. This can cause clicking, popping, and humming -- and worse, it's possible for your audio devices to damage each other or your speakers.

[inline:Add-Waves.png]Audio signal voltages get added together by Y-cables, which can boost levels high enough to cause distortion or damage. As the graph illustrates, this may be fine for a while, until the peaks of the waves align, and this can boost voltages above levels that are safe for your devices. The TinyMix normalizes, combines, and outputs audio signals, which allows multiple audio signals to play simultaneously without clipping and distortion.

Plug in up to four audio devices, and plug the TinyMix output into a set of amplified speakers or stereo inputs. Devices can be plugged in or unplugged as desired, without worrying about volume levels changing dramatically or clicks, pops or hums.

4 in 3.5mm/1.8" jacks -- accepts 6' stereo audio cable 3.5mm M/M molded plugs
1 out 3.5mm/1.8" jack -- accepts 6' stereo audio cable 3.5mm M/M molded plugs
1 USB power jack -- powered by any USB source, cable 1.5' USB cable A to B connectors or optionally, USB Power Adapter

TinyMix - Troubleshooting and FAQ

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I love this thing!

I looked high and low until I found this on Amazon. I got it in and man am I thrilled. I had a USB cable to power it and it's exactly what I needed. Without power it's quiet, but powered it is perfection.

There is no noise.

I needed this because I have several computers and mobile devices I need all plugged in at once.

Anxious for more stock because I'm going to order another one, maybe two.



I received today Tinymix. Works perfectly. Just what I needed.

Greetings from Portugal


how can we ship this to UK?

how can we ship this to UK? You say we must use PayPal in EU but there is no option to do so when I want to buy this.

UK Shipping

If you don't select 'Google Checkout,' the regular shopping cart/checkout process works through Paypal.

Does its job well, and stays out of the way!

If you are a computer hobbyist (and you probably are if you are reading this) then you probably have two or more computers plus a variety of small electronic devices that play sound and music through 3.5 mm stereo plugs. I cannot count the number of times that I have looked at the 3 computers and the MP3 player in my home office and thought “you know, there ought to be a simple way to connect all of these to one set of speakers and properly mux the signals so that it all sounds like one seamless source”.

Stoweblank’s TinyMix does this unobtrusively, without a mixing console or an additional block transformer to deal with. The device has four stereo inputs, one stereo output, and an LED power indicator. The device is conveniently powered over USB via a type B jack and is small enough to be inconspicuously stowed behind a monitor. The case is durable and the audio jacks have a solid feel that gives me the impression that the unit can handle a lifetime of office and computer rearranging.

It's better than fleece socks!